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Top 5 Holiday Decorating Ideas You Can Try

It’s the holiday season in Melbourne and all of Australia next month but it is different from other parts of the world. While some countries are blanketed in snow, the rest of Australia enjoy a much-awaited summer this coming holiday season. If you have guests coming over the holidays, make sure your home is ready. Ditch those outdated decors and bring in the holiday vibe. Stock up on outdoor blinds, roman blinds, plush cushions, and sun shades for a memorable summer get-together.


But to ensure that the holiday vibe is felt in your home and in your yard, here are a few ideas you can try:


1. Improvise: There are a lot of home improvement ideas online waiting to be discovered. If you are adventurous, you can try the easy ones such as creating patio chairs out of palettes. You may find palettes sold at discounted rates and some are even given for free. Make use of your creativity to create a piece of furniture that your guests can lounge in. It is a good conversation starter, too!


2. Think about your guests’ privacy: While your guests may enjoy lounging in your patio, they may be deterred by passersby. This is the usual dilemma for homes that rest too close to the next neighbour. But you can remedy this by installing outdoor blinds for your patio areas. You can entertain your guests without subjecting them to your neighbours’ prying eyes.


Some people are uncomfortable when strangers are watching. So you better arm your self with quality outdoor roller blinds you can find.


3. Extend the holiday spirit to your outdoor area: Don’t forget to decorate your outdoor areas too! Your holiday spirit should not be confined in your indoors but must extend to your outdoor spaces as well. If you have a screened in porch, make use of colourful bistro blinds to achieve that holiday vibe.


If you have worn out garden chairs, bring them back to life with a few coats of paint. You can also paint some rocks and line them on your driveway to send a cheerful vibe to arriving guests.


4. Do it yourself: If you want to personalise your decors, you can make your own outdoor roller blinds Melbourne shoppes offer. Just follow tutorials online on how to create a colourful and custom-made roller blinds for your outdoor spaces. Wouldn’t they make good conversation pieces once your guests arrive? You can even make a few more and give them as gifts to your guests. What a memorable token for the holiday!


5. Hire experts to install your outdoor blinds: If you opt for blinds that are electronically controlled, it is best if you entrust the job to experts. This ensures your outdoor blinds are installed properly as specified by the manufacturer.


As a final note, always make your guests feel at home. If you have loved ones staying over the holidays, take note of their personal preferences in advance. As much as possible, strive to prepare their favourite homecooked meals. This is the kind of hospitality that goes a long way. Your sweet gestures will be remembered and word of your genuine care will surely warm their hearts. For more details, visit at https://www.crystalimageblinds.com.au/outdoor-blinds/.