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Preparing Your Furniture for the Removals

Planning to move your furniture in Sydney? One of the most difficult tasks that you will face before you bring in removalists Sydney services is preparing your furniture and other valuables for the removals. Here are some simple tips that you can follow in order to ensure that this process goes on as smoothly as possible:

Start Early

Because packing the home is a very tedious and time-consuming process, it is advisable to begin the process as early as possible and pack as much as you can. You can even do the packing a few days before the actual move and leave only the bare minimum that you can use as you wait for the removalists Sydney services to come and pick your items.

Take your time

If you have several days’ notice before the actual move, then you can pack your items slowly and meticulously in order to ensure they are put in the right place. Rushing and panicking during the move normally leads to you forgetting or misplacing some useful items. When you take your time to pack a few boxes at a time a few days before the move, you will generally remember where you placed most of your items. There are removalists Sydney services that will assist you with the small packs but it is important to inquire about this before you book the moving service. Determine if there are any extra costs which you may incur in case your moving company is also offering you a furniture packing service. You may also consider employing the assistance of professional packers before you bring in the moving companies.

Don’t put the boxes by the entrances

For ease of moving during the furniture removals process, you should put the boxes in the corners of the rooms and not stack them by the entrances. You can also reserve one bedroom where you will put all your packed boxes so that they can be removed with relative ease. If your boxes are located in a single area, you will actually save money with furniture removalists Sydney services.

Additional Preparations that you can undertake include the following:

·         Taking down the pictures and mirrors

·         Removing the headboards

·         Disposing of the things that you do not really need. You can sell them, give them away or even donate to charity. Moving is usually the best time to do some decluttering so that you can turn a new page when you move to your new destination.

·         Clean the rooms as you go. Once you have cleared all your items, you can do some basic cleaning before hiring a professional service to carry out the thorough end-of-lease cleaning which is generally a requirement in most rental agreements.  Cleaning also keeps the house organized when you are moving items and will ultimately save you time during the move.

·         If you are dissembling your furniture, keep the accessories such as the tape screws, bed legs, bolts and washers in a safe place that you can easily remember.

·         Disconnect the TV and notify your cable services provider.

These simple tips will make your move a lot easier. You are going to save not just money but also time when making the move.